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Antique mock orange - rescue mission

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

One of my favorite parks had (past tense) a huge, beautiful fragrant old variety mock orange that I always loved to visit every spring, a remnant from the old farmstead that used to be there. Last year I tried taking stem cuttings from it which all failed - the rooting stuff I used wasn't actual hormone, my set up outdoors allowed too much air in so they dried out, I watered too much or maybe I watered too little. Who knows!

This year - I went back and imagine my shock that the thing was totally CUT DOWN... for no apparent reason. All the branches were and still are stacked up just laying there Except for one branch valiantly producing leaves and even a few flowers. So long story short, Ive gone back every 7-10 days to collect cuttings from it and Im just not getting anywhere with any of the cuttings. There was one that looked good, like it was surviving at least for about 2 wks but now leaves are gradually wilting and turning yellow. I think the problem was one day I forgot and left the plastic off all afternoon. Should only be 5 minute.s

The directions I find online are terribly confusing about when and which type of stems to take.... so Im not entirely sure Im taking the correct samples.
Meanwhile, Im going to run out of leaves/stems to take. I figure next weekend Ill give it one more shot. So if someone out there can help me problem solve about what I might be doing wrong Id gratefully appreciate it.

ALSO: does mock orange grow back if its cut down? I want to know before I call City to complain. If it does Im going to rally the troops and we can demand they let it live. These idiots are like bulls in the china shop - have no idea what they're doing half the time.

Would it work to try to dig out some root material? I know I can take root cuttings in Nov. (and I may attempt that) but Im wondering if I was to try to dig out 1 or 2 of the cut stumps along with a foot or so of the roots - as much of as possible - would that work? Is there something I can use on it to promote the rootings to live and grow -

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