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Hi, I'm back in Upstate New York and starting to work my land

Gail Dalmat
7 years ago

Hi, in Willard NY, lots of farms, Amish and others, out here. I have about 3/10ths of an acre, mostly lawn at this point, but plan to convert some into landscaping, perennials and such, some into edibles. Already have mature apple and pear tree; starting two baby apples I learned to graft myself at the local library in Ovid (kudos for their wonderful programs). Started a whole lot of seedlings and it's time to move them outside. My son gave me used RT72 John Deere riding mower, which worked GREAT. He also gave me a 2-cycle Mantis tiller. I got the carb rebuilt by a local Amish repairman. It started nicely but immediately got balled up in stems and stalled. Eventually, I'd really like my whole lawn to go away. Meantime, how does one pick up and clean out a tiller most efficiently? I am 66 and have some arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, btw. So glad to be back up here in NY again.

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