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WANTED: medium hot seasoning peppers

8 years ago


I know it's really late in the season, but I kind of got the gardening bug again, now that my spring garden is done and it is really itching me to dive into this apparently endless universe of pepper varieties.

Last season I have grown serranos, jalapenos, poblanos and pimentos de padron. I loved learning how lovely the poblanos actually taste when harvested prematurely at about 2" and then frying them in olive oil as you would the padron peppers...

Well, I am growing the same peppers again this year minus the jalapeno as it didn't produce well for me and the serranos taste pretty much the same to me. But now I'd really love to add some variety to this, so I have ordered Fresno, Rocotillo and the Tobago Seasoning Pepper seeds and want to still try and grow these. I have a very long season, so I am hoping it will still work or at least I will get a head start for next year, as I am growing the peppers as perennials anyways. But there is still so many varieties I now would like to try! My heat tolerance pretty much maxes out at serrano pepper level, but there seam to be so many different and interesting varieties that aren't actually quite that hot. So I am now on the search!

Does anybody have any mild or medium hot pepper for trade? Trinidad Perfume would be great, Aji Habanero, sweet Datil, the NuMex Suave orange habanero, Grenada Seasoning, Ají Limon or even a Aji Amarillo or any other of the abundance of mild to medium hot peppers that you think taste great.

I don't have quite the long list of offerings, as I am just really starting my gardening journey, but I do have a few seeds, so please check my trade list!