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Research Project - Home Management

7 years ago

I am a graduate student working on a project focused on community innovation. My
research sets out to explore “How does a young homeowner (with children under
5 years) of an independent house manage household tasks?” As a new homeowner
and a mom of a thirteen month old, I strive hard to manage my house. There have
been days when I forget to switch off the thermostat, fireplace, disarm the
security system, check my mailbox for days, put trash bins out for collection,
close the garage door, and put laundry into the dryer after the washer cycle. In
short, I’ve been in need of a solution that can help me be more organized in
running household chores. Have you tried putting any mechanism in place for a
smooth and on-time execution of household chores? Or have you come across
anybody who has tried to device a mechanism to manage household tasks? Your
inputs will help me conclude my research. Thanks!

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