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First time ever growing cherry tomatoes, help please!

I stopped wishing to grow them and finally put some garden elbow grease!

1- I want to grow them on the patio in pots. Crucial equation: all 4 pots (2 clay, 2 plastic), average 12' deep, 8 across. Are they too small for cherries? I read that tomatoes needed huge pots or land for their roots.

2- The patio faces the West, plenty of sunshine so far through out the day, T°C are consistently > 10°C at night. I'm in Montreal.

3- I have 4 of them laying around. All had a dead plant in them from last year.

4- I removed the dead plants and added some compost.

5- The compost is a mix of sawdust and true dark compost from the bottom of the bin. I may have too much sawdust from the litter's wood pellets (economical and ecological!).

6- Is fertilizer a bonus for better growth? I wanted to keep it "all natural", with only compost doing its job, even though it's not a fertilizer.

7- I dropped one seed in each pot, in a 2 inch hole and water daily.

Anything other advice or tips so I don't fudge them, plzthx.

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