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My First time growing a garden PLEASE help

14 years ago

Hello All !!!

I am 100% new to this. I grew some basil & parsely last year but thats it. This year I want to do some organic vegetables and fruit. I need to build a above ground garden because I rent my home. I saw this site where you can do it out of storage tubes....has anyone done it?

Anyways, These are what I want to grow...strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, and green pepers. I dont know if starting out I can do all of those but what ever I can I would love to do it! Okay so heres my question....WHAT DO I DO???LOL. I have been doing some research. But my big question is on the fruit. I live in San Antonio Texas so in the summer we can have 30+ days of over 100. How do I not fry my veggies and fruit? How often do I water them? Do I need to do tomatoes in a pot or can I do them in a container as well?

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