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Sam Kedem nursery - mail order

Once or twice a year, I visit his website. Nostalgia; several roses in my garden came from him. 2000 or 2001; mainly quart "liners". To best of my knowledge (which may be flawed), he dc'ed mail order maybe 10 or so years ago.

Visited site yesterday. Saw mention of "ordering roses" and menu for "obtaining quote" on total cost. Drop-down menu had options for all states. Looks like 2, 3, and 5 gallon roses (with published prices) for sale. No published shipping costs; guess that's where the "quote" comes in. No mention of OR/budded, much less root stock. He's in Minnesota. Not sure if all sizes are shipped. Imagine cost could skyrocket. I emailed late last night to verify "mail order". Prompt reply today : "We are shipping this week". No other details given (nor sought, in my email).

A very good, but not massive, selection. Maybe 100 or so. All good performers by reputation (given what I know). No modern Kordes - guess he's not in that pipeline.

I always enjoyed the rose descriptions/recommendations in his old catalogs. Pithy and on target. Did well by his advice. I didn't know about GardenWeb back then.

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