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Help identify the disease/pest affecting my apple tree

Vik Des
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi all,
I bought a columnar apple tree last fall and this year(my first spring), I'm noticing some holes in the leaves(+discoloraion) as shown in the pics. Can somebody help me identify what this could be and what I could do at this point - the leaves have been out for around 2 weeks now.
A couple of other things-
1. I bought myself a "Bonide" sulfur sprey for fruit trees Will this help fight whatever it is my plant is going through? Also, what should the frequency of the spray be?
2. I see some ants on the leaves; could they be doing the dame? if so what are they; just common garden ants or something specific that attachs apple trees? Im going to be growing strawberries right next to the apple tree, so Im wondering if these should be treated as well.
3. Will the apples the tree produce be edible this year, or is it too late?

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