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Removing foundation planting - native wildlife attractor suggestions

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I'm in Zone 7B, North Alabama.

My house faces NNE and has a current planting which spans east facing side, rounding the front NE corner, moving along the North side of my ranch style house (North bed is 8 to 10 feet deep). It runs from the corner of the house, to the front door sidewalk entrance, with another bed at the corner where the sidewalk meets the drive.
I'm planning to remove the plants on the East side (6 encore azaleas, 1 limelight, 3 glossy abelia), also the corner shrub (crimson holly) and all the rest of the plants on the north side (Japanese maple, more encore azaleas, purple pixie loropetalums, etc.).

I'm looking to incorporate some pollinator and wildlife attracting plants. Thought about a ninebark to anchor the corner, maybe a button bush between the two bedroom windows since there is not much of a height restriction (roof apex between the windows) and may be able to keep it near 6 feet wide. I thought about fothergilla mount airy for part the North planting. I'd like some advice on plants/shrubs that would work well together and cover more of the seasons for pollinators. Winter isn't much of an issue, due to not cutting the grass or weeding, butterflies usually have mother nature placed blooms in the yard.

I do have some host plants that just arrived (as well as a small number just purchased from the local botanical garden spring sale), had planned on placing things like hop tree, spicebush, buttonbush out of the way in the backyard.
I was considering replacing the driveway/sidewalk corner bloodgood Japanese maple with a Shoal Creek Vitex as well.
Do any of you have these types of foundation plantings?

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