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Ideas for Vegetable/Herb Garden

7 years ago

I am looking for ideas on what to plant in raised planted beds (approx 12 inches high). Last year I overplanted tomato bushes with 4 in a box and a half and they just took over a pepper bush that I also had. I tried three types of melons (honeydew, watermelon, and cantalope). I also attempted carrots and strawberries and a variety of squash that I didnt end up using. It was a hastily put together garden, I know. I added mostly miracle-gro, manure, and planter soil to the boxes so I had success with most of the items. The cantalope didn't make it because I ended up with some pests that invaded the leaves, but I'm going to pass on melons this year.

I have 6 planter boxes that are all laid next to each other in a row. The share a border with each other as I tried to maximize the amount of planter boxes that I have. On the south side, one of the walls is a cinderblock wall that is about 6 feet high. I live in an eastern suburb of Los Angeles, Whittier. Part of the reason I ask is that I am going to a "Veggiepalooza" tomorrow at the Fullerton Arboretum. A list of the vegetables that will be there can be found here.

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