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Bosch gas slide-in vs. Electrolux induction freestanding

8 years ago

Okay, now that I have to upgrade my electrical for the induction range I'm back to considering the gas range I originally wanted but decided to forego because of the need for a gas line. Getting estimates on electrical upgrade and gas line and in the process of deciding which range I want assuming both electrical and gas are do-able and price difference is not thousands between the two. If it's comparable or only hundreds different I'll just get the range I prefer.

Here's my pros/cons list - what am I missing?

Bosch gas pros (800 series - not the Benchmark model)

  • I can get a slide-in model that I like and I prefer the appearance over a freestanding
  • I've had gas all my life, know it, love it
  • I feel like this gas range may be more trouble free and have a greater chance of longevity than this induction range based on what I've read
  • Don't need to be as careful about scratching the cooktop

Electrolux induction pros (there's only one freestanding model - I've picked this over all the slide-ins because of better features at a lower cost)

  • Lower heat level better under my OTR microwave
  • Even more burner/hob control than gas - seems like it would be better at lower heat levels such as simmering
  • Kind of intrigued by the adventure of trying induction vs. gas - would I love it as much as everyone else seems to?
  • There is the easy clean up of the cooktop but that doesn't really matter much to me - never been bothered by gas cook top cleaning

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