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Can I run kitchen exhaust duct up through 2nd story wall?

8 years ago

Hi-This is my first time posting in this pat of the forum.

I'm getting ready to replace our little recirculating range hood with one that vents to the outdoors. I haven't purchased one yet, but am looking at models with about 450 cfm.

I've run into what seems to be a common problem: the layout of our kitchen is making it very difficult to find an acceptable route for the ductwork. The range is on an interior wall with a vaulted-ceiling living room on the other side, and most other routes, whether between the ceiling joists, above cabinets, or down through the basement, result in the vent being either on the front porch or too close to the back patio doors, air conditioners, or hvac intake.

The only solution I've found is to go up through our second floor and through the attic. The kitchen wall behind the range continues to a second floor bedroom, so we do have a straight shot up, and from what I can tell without having opened any walls, the studs line up pretty well on both floors.

The thing is, after scouring the internet, I've found very little information about ducting range hoods this way, so I'm wondering if I'm crazy for considering it, lol. I know that I will have to cut though top and sill plates, and these will have to be strapped, (with something like This?) but am I crazy for considering this option? Are there issues that I'm not considering?

I'm just a DIYer, but I'm careful and don't mind a challenge.

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