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Huge rose needed, zone 5 cane hardy, grows to 6x6 or more

Any recommendations for a huge rose bush that meets these requirements:

-blooms either continuously or at least has good repeat (like 3 flushes per season)
-good or excellent disease resistance (I won't be spraying)
-grows large, preferably easily over 6 feet tall but not too wide, 4-6 feet wide
-prolific flowering (that is, I don't want to see a huge bush whose repeat means two or three blooms after the huge spring flush)
-fragrance is nice but not a big deal, no specific color or flower form either as this will be a huge bush all the way at the back of the yard by the fence that will mainly be enjoyed from a distance
-can be a climber that is self-supporting
-has to be cane hardy to zone 5b if not necessarily for 5a, I may even accept zone 6a cane hardiness but out here our winters can be very erratic.
-I thought about planting a Crape Myrtle here to fulfill this need however we can have our normal winters for 2-4 years, Crape Myrtles get huge, then we get a nasty zone 5 winter and they die back to the ground. I want something that can handle the rough winters

I've thought about planting a couple of double knock outs, if not pruned they get to 6 feet tall in 2-3 years around here, but I already have 13 of those and would like to plant something different.

Can't wait to read your suggestions!

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