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Please help my AV- a friend left it with me for safekeeping!

8 years ago

A couple we know got a chance to move to the British Virgin Islands last fall. They've decided to end their experiment at being Ex-Pats and move back to the states (a different one than us this time). Before they left they asked us to take care of their African Violet which had some sentimental value. As you can see, I haven't done a very good job:

This plant was thriving when we got it about 6 months ago- at least it was all living. You can see now that the one side of it seems to be completely gone and the other side is withering. I've tried to follow the directions and not give it water (with a drop or two of AV food) until the plant part of the pot is no longer in the water. I'm trying to find a good spot in the house to keep it. I did have it in a cool bathroom for a while (shower broken so no steam or moisture to speak of) and have tried the mantle (too hot from gas fireplace below?) and various window ledges (we don't really get direct sunlight, especially in the winter).

Should I re-pot it in a different type of pot? Re-pot with new soil in this one? Gently trim off whatever appears to be dead? As of today the top of the soil is slightly moist and rather spongy. I have never made the mistake of watering it from above- but that's apparently the only thing I know about African Violets.

Thanks in advance for all of your help- feel free to list the order of steps to use to try to revive this one!


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