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Need help deciding white or dark kitchen cabinets with tile floor

8 years ago

Hello all,

We are building a new home, and are at the point of making design decisions. We are also first time home buyers, so going through a lot of questions and confusions in the process. We decided to go with tile floor for entire home. All the rooms have same light colored tile except bedroom and baths. Now we are confused with the kitchen cabinet color. The builder is providing dark wood cabinets as standard , so at first we thought of going with those. Now we are thinking maybe white would make the room more bright and cheery. We will have a small window in the kitchen . But not sure how to pull the look with light colored tile, little perplexed if entire kitchen would look completely white. I am attaching simulation pictures of both white and dark cabinets with the kitchen model close to our plan. Which cabinets look good with the very light colored tile floors? And we are going with Typhoon Beaurdoux granite countertop.

Any suggestions from experienced people here would be appreciated much . Thanks in advance.

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