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need help deciding on dark or light countertop for vanity?

10 years ago

Thinking of a quartz Silestone countertop but may do granite since it seems to be cheaper these days and am struggling with budget but bottom line, I can't decide how dark to make the countertop for the 8 ft vanity. This is a hall bath which also houses the washer/dryer across the aisle from the counter.

Right now the room is very light, walls above the wainscot are a white with a very slight tinge of gray. I really love the materials and how they are combined and really don't want to screw up the elegant ambience with a bad choice for countertop. Any suggestions on what shade? how dark to go? or should I stay light and blend in closely with field tile which is the direction I'm kind of going in. (but wondering if it might look too washed out if I go with a light countertop?)

Not sure about the busyness of granite since the bathroom style seems to be fairly contemporary especially with the Ikea. Would appreciate any help.

1. Floor - Misingi Suber porcelain plank - taupe/brown/gray shown at: Here (tile seems a little darker than shown in this pic)

2. lower floating Cabinet/vanity - stained white oak (vanity is a hack/combination of various Ikea Godmorgen cabinets) - color shown at: HERE

3. upper horizontal cabinets -white Ikea with Rubrik Gass doors (metal trim) shown at: HERE

4. Backsplash/field tile - 12/24 porcelain calacatta (not doing a 4 inch high backsplash - just the tile) - picture of partial wall tile installation below. (picture doesn't show it but there is a very very slight tinge of gold in some of the striations. One reason the Godmorgon stain seems to look very good with it IMO).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will probably cross post in "home decoration" for color advice.

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