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Will I regret not switching out appliances?

6 years ago

I am doing a kitchen "update" (painting cabinetry, new counters and backsplash). My house is 8 years old and the appliances are the original builder grade whirlpool ones that came with the house. They are stainless steel, all blend fine with the kitchen and still work fine and I am not a gourmet cook needing anything fancy. I cook dinner 4ish times a week.

It never occurred to me to replace them for the kitchen "refresh", but now I am wondering if I will regret not replacing the cooktop and possibly refrigerator for purely aesthetic reasons now that everything else will be so fresh and new looking (the cooktop definitely shows some signs of wear and the fridge was a cheap floor model for like $500 9 years ago that was never my favorite look but not offensive in any way).

I'm already over budget, but will be ok financially if I add in the appliances. Should I leave them alone and update them later when they are no longer functioning (are you able to change out a cooktop without affecting the countertop??) or do you think it's worthwhile to just update them now?

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