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Climbing rose recommendation for large container in zone 6a NY

8 years ago

Hi all! I am fairly new to roses, but otherwise somewhat experienced in gardening. I feel overwhelmed by all the info out there, and really hoping to get some good direction for my specific application.

I have two large barrel sized containers that I would love to plant with climbing roses, and I am hoping for a recommendation for hardy vigorous bloomers. I am in zone 6a NY, the roses will face east, receiving sun from 8am-1pm.

The containers are near the pillars of my deck - the pillars are about 7ft tall, and then the deck railing is another 3-4 feet higher. I would love it if the rose can eventually extend high enough to reach and fan out onto the railing.

I have two main wishes:

1. The rose has good repeating bloom throughout the season.

2. It is cane hardy in my zone 6a.

Scent (although great) is not important. Size/shape of bloom is not important. Vigor and frequency of bloom matter most. I am able to provide relatively high amount of care. I am partial to white and pale pink roses since they would stand out the best against the house colors.

Reading through the forums, I am considering climbing Iceberg, Jasmina, Jeanne Lajoie, Viking Queen. I love the look of Eden, but I hear it is slow to establish and finicky with bloom. Any pale roses would do!

Recommendations of trusty mail order sources for roses with well established root systems are also very much appreciated. I am really hoping and excited to get some of your ideas, many thanks in advance!

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