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Want to stop Word files from creating automatic backup files

8 years ago

Windows 7 Home Premium

Word 2010

As I translate, I alternate between saving my work to a flash drive and to my desktop, so I will always have a copy even if something crashes. Recently something happened that has resulted in a special backup file being created every time I "Save as" a file. For example, If a file is titled "Mushrooms," that file gets saved, but a new one entitled "Backup of Mushrooms" gets created and has a special icon with W sitting on two pages instead of the one page in a normal Word document icon.

It has become hard for me to tell which file is really keeping up with what I have been typing: "Mushrooms," or "Backup of Mushrooms"; and to complicate matters, since my husband and I pass the flash drive back and forth, checking one another's work and often adding to the file names to show who last edited them, the number of files and their unwanted "Backups" multiply until it has begun to drive me crazy. This is not happening on my husband's computer, running Office 2013.

I want to stop the madness. Can it be that I somehow unknowingly told Word to make a new Backup every time I do a "save" or "save as" (usually the latter)? Or would this be due to some update sent by Microsoft? I can only feel in control when I am doing the saving myself and not having Word creating extra files of my work.

So far, I have tried going, in Word, from File>Options>Save and checking and unchecking things, but nothing seems to help. I would be extremely grateful if anyone here knows how I can make Word 2010 stop creating separate backup files. I confess that I have never studied how to handle Word and have only been learning what I need as I go along. Until now, that worked.

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