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Warm creamy exterior paint colour recommendation?

someday soon
7 years ago

We are building a house and its half way painted. We picked a colour which we thought was a warm creamy colour. We want to have copper accents (rainchains, exterior lighting, outdoor shower) But the colour we chose is more of an icy lemon! The actual name is :French Sonnet" from Cloverdale paint. (Canada)

I don't know if its the colour cast from the surrounding fir trees or the over cast skies but it just doesn't look good at all. Also, the window trim has been painted straight bright white, but next to this icy lemon colour of the siding, the trim takes on a depressing grey/blue hue.

I've shamefully asked the contractor that the colour is awful and I can't adjust and it will need to be repainted. Is there any colour suggestion for a timeless, classy, warm inviting cream colour? My confidence is shot.

Otherwise I may just go barn red ....

Attached is the horrendous colour. Its much brighter lemon/icier in real life

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