Help needed sizing water softening and filtering system for well water

Derek Clark
5 years ago

GardenWeb Community, I need your assistance. I am needing to size a water softening and whole house filtering system for my home and there are many different approaches I have found on the web with different values, peak vs. average flow rates, etc. Based on the feedback I have read thus far from Justalurker and aliceinwonderland_id on this site I am leaning towards a Fleck softening system but not sure which one. Also looking for ideas on a whole home filtering system based on the below test results.

We live in Anchorage, Alaska and we just bought a 6000 sqft., 3 bed 3.5 bath house with 3 people living in it (wife, 2.5 yr old daughter, and myself). All appliances are high efficiency Frigidaire Professional series, Triangle Tube Prestige Water heater, etc.

A recent water test was performed by a local sales company and the basic results are as follows:

TDS: 125 ppm

Hardness: 10 gpg

pH 7.0

Total Alkalinity 120 ppm

Total Iron 0.1 ppm

Total Manganese 0.2 ppm

Coliform: Neg colonies/100mL

Nitrate: 5.09 mg/L

Arsenic: ND ug/L

Let me know if any additional information is needed in order to provide any recommendations.

Any recommendations are welcomed and I genuinely appreciate the assistance in advance.