Ideas???Convert closet sliding door to toddler nook & closet storage?

Daria C
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We just bought a old condo and my daughter's room has a very large closet on one whole side of an entire wall. It is composed of three sliding closet doors. Am brainstorming ideas to convert the closet space to a tent/nook area as well as traditional closet storage. Am thinking of taking out the sliding doors in favor of traditional hinge doors but do not want to block the entry way door. Our daughter is two and would delight in a small play area, which perhaps we can convert to a desk/study area in the future. The dimensions are 105 inches width and 38 inches deep. So, about 9 feet of closet space across. Welcome any images and ideas! Looking to blend a small nook/tent area with closet storage.

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