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Condiment life span, cleaning the fridge and food waste

8 years ago

Happy New Year to all!

I am finishing a major fridge cleaning (actually an overall kitchen cleaning) and wondering about the life span of various condiments. I ended up throwing away a bunch of open bottles of various condiments because I wasn't sure if they were ok - basically anything I haven't opened recently. And open or unopened home-made sauces that I didn't make. I kept miso, mustard, capers, molasses, fish sauce and catsup.

What do you consider the safe time limit for open bottles?

I also discovered a ridiculous amount of feta that was green and fuzzy. I think I bought it everytime I invited my mom and her SO over for pizza. He loves manning the WFO and feta on pizza.

Outside the fridge I threw out some rancid flours and oils. I keep getting huge bags of local sifted WW flour as gifts or trade. Wonderful but way too much.

I hate discovering how much food gets wasted. Especially expensive ingredients. I have gotten better at some aspects of food management but need to get better yet.




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