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val (MA z6)
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I am hosting a Valentine Card Swap this year...

Everyone is invited to join this swap.

Yes, I'm early, but this is so you can work on your cards and can get them mailed out so the recipient gets it before VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

1. Everyone that is participating must send me a message with your name, address, and GW name so I can get you all divided up and emailed with details

2. Want to to make/send/receive more than ONE Valentine card? please let me know... One participant can choose to make/send/receive as many as 5 cards
3. Make your own card(s) from any craft supplies you have at home. You dont have to be a craft queen, it's the thought and the time you put into it that counts!
4. Include a packet of seed in card- can be flowers, vegetables, herbs, etc. (Check their member page/wish list, but I am sure they will like whatever you want have to send.)
5. When you send yours to the person you are assigned, post in the forum.
6. When you receive your valentine's be sure to post in the forum and tell us about your card and seeds you got. Be sure to post or email the sender and say Thank You!
7. Cards must be finished by Jan 31st. Cards need to be mailed before Feb.7

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