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Does Frontgate not use standard Christmas tree replacement bulbs??

7 years ago

So we just bought a used (Craigslist) pre-lit Christmas tree made by Frontgate. It looks great. I assumed we would need to deal with unlit bulbs, non-working strands, etc. I do have one of those Light Keeper Pros and it is definitely awesome - but there are probably at least 50-75 bulbs I need to replace on this tree. I had also just assumed that these classic, mini light bulbs are standard (I'm talking the actual bulbs and exposed wires themselves - not the plastic base, which I don't think I've ever seen the same design twice).

PROBLEM IS - the bulbs on the Frontgate tree have a slight bevel on the base (where the wires protrude from the glass bulb - see pic). In short, I cannot fit a "standard" replacement bulb in the Frontgate plastic base. I have thousands of bulbs from other various strands of lights we've collected over the years. and just tonight made a trip to Walmart and some other stores to see if the bulbs vary at all. They don't. They are standard, just like in the picture. But not the Frontgate bulbs.

I had no idea Frontgate had some sort of proprietary shape to their bulb. This is disappointing as I now can't replace any of the unlit bulbs on the tree, rendering the tree pretty much pointless in terms of being pre-lit. What a Christmas bummer.

Any advice? Am I missing something?

Thanks much!

PS - not sure if this is the best Houzz forum to use - but please direct me to a better one if available! :)

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