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new container veg garden, tons of bugs, should i be worried?

8 years ago

hi everyone, ive just started my first vegetable garden in a galvanized steel tub that my neighbor was throwing out. i started a few seedlings indoors, namely my arugula and chrysanthemum greens, and my snow pea shoots, also my daikon radish plants.
after transplanting them in the steel tub that was built with a bottom layer of rocks and organic potting soil, most of them have taken quite well. as per the directions of my local nursery, after transplanting the seedlings i sprinkled a dash of dr earth fertilizer mix on top and watered them thoroughly. of course since dr earth has bone and blood meal in it it attracted TONS of flies but i wasnt worried about that.
i noticed the other day that two of the daikon radish sprouts which were strong and robust in the peat moss pots i had started the seeds in, had wilted and curled, and upon closer inspection, noticed a lot of tiny soil colored bugs running around the soil. i cant tell if they are aphids or not.
should i be concerned about these bugs? is it a natural occurrence of container gardening, my complex fertilizer, or overwatering?
many thanks for any advice, i am very new to this vegetable gardening. for reference, i am in zone 10b, fairly inland, in Los Angeles, CA.

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