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Bosch 500 Series/800 Series dishwashers

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago


I am in the process of selecting appliances. My KD has mentioned that Bosch dishwasher (being a European brand) has small capacity and also does not dry dishes properly. Do people on Houzz have same experience with Bosch dishwashers? She has suggested me to buy Kitchen Aid(KA) appliances as they are big in size because KA appliances are American and have more capacity.

Between the 2 models (500/800 series ) which is more prone to repairs, which one is more quiet and which one has dish drying problem?

Also what is the price difference in Bosch 500/800 series and Miele dishwashers?

Any help will be appreciated.

Mindy S.

Potomac Falls, VA

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