Adult coloring

ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am starting a new thread here for those who are wanting to post their adult coloring art.

A few recent projects. Please add yours!

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I am so surprised that no one has added anything to this thread, or even commented on it. Seems like adult coloring books are really the rage right now. You've done beautiful work, Ravencajun. (Love that screen name!)

I finally gave in to this craze a couple of days ago. Nothing anywhere near completed to show yet. But I am hooked! When I first saw the books, I thought "NO way! I'd be a blithering idiot in no time if I tried to color in all those tiny spaces!" But it almost seemed like those books were out to get me! I began to see them everywhere I went, including all over the 'net. Then my DIL had asked for and received one for Christmas. Looking at it, I again said no way! Then I was killing time in Walmart, waiting for a prescription to be filled, and I picked up a book called "Winter Wonderland", I think. Anyhow, it had pictures of winter scenes to color in, as well as some of snowflakes, and other wintery type things. I thought about it for several days, ended up going back & getting it. Well, I didn't want to 'waste' my good Prismacolor artist's pencils on it, so I also picked up a cheap box of 72 pencils from amongst the kids' coloring and art stuff. I started out with a page of snowflakes, to get the feel of those pencils, and to figure out if I could do it or not. My hands have gotten very shaky in the last year, so I wasn't sure if I could stay in the lines or not. Well, it's not easy, I do get out of the lines some, but I'm thinking maybe the concentration will help steady my hands.

I've read where people use different mediums for this, what are you using? It's been quite a few years since I've picked up a paint brush or a colored pencil, or a chalk pastel. Maybe, if nothing else, this will encourage me to get back into doing something. I've always been much happier when I am creating something.


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Hi, Ravencajun! (I used to be Colorcrazy.) Your coloring is gorgeous. I purchased a book last month, but then we went on vacation. Your colors are so vivid! Are you using felt tip or pencils? I will have to try it this week. I scanned and printed two pix from my book, so I am ready.

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Hi, Ravencajun

Your colored art is beautiful.

A friend recently bought me a set of colored pencils and a coloring book. Looking forward to using them.

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I am also on the coloring bandwagon, but I haven't scanned any of my pics for posting. I have several books and I love both gel pens and colored pencils. I treated myself to a full set of prismacolors when they were on sale. I am no artist by any means, but I do love to color.

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Just found this post. I started coloring with colored pencils last winter. I was so proud of my first one I had it professionally framed at Hobby Lobby. I have done 3 more since but just bought frames and my husband framed them for me. Here is my first one before it was framed.

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