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Little Tudor Kitchen remodel update week 4

7 years ago

Cabinets are all installed and counters have been measured!

This week will be a slow one for kitchen specific progress as we are waiting for the counter to be delivered and the GC is tying up some ends (molding and outside of window) as well as demoing the hall pantry which will become a hall mudroom closet since it's too narrow to be a useful standard coat closet (less than 18" deep).

The good: Thank goodness i come home at 5:30 or so every day and talk to the GC and check on how the cabinet install was progressing. After a couple of hiccups with filler pieces, everything turned out great and solid. He's been patient with me and my nitpicky wants: all the cabinet doors and filler lined up where the fridge and pantry sit etc. Electrician was also great and installed most of the LED tape lights. Now I need to figure out whether I want light rail. Glass cabinet inserts finally ordered.

The bad: The hood I received was defective, a side is not attached to the front with what looks like a very bad weld. Reseller is being difficult since I waited a while to open the box. The manufacturere (XtremeAir) is more receptive since this is a manufacturing defect. No matter what it'll still take a while to get a new one and I will probably have a kitchen working w/out a hood for a while. Still can't decide on a backsplash not to mention a paint color for the kitchen and the rest of the dining room.

Overall shot from the dining room since the plastic wall has been taken down for painting the whole space. See the peninsula where there used to be a wall! Pantry turned out great and all lined up. GC said he can repaint the old door to make it blend in with the cabinets and molding since it's a horrible off white yellow. I'll take suggestions on backsplash style and color? Hardware will be ORB with glass knobs.

Peninsula straddling the two floors but looking good with the molding installed.

Another shot of the pantry/fridge space. Barker's measuring guide and side panel design really helped get all the pieces to line up and look put together. Still missing the baseboard on the bottom but it'll come.

Now I may not have much left for a reveal.

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