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Input on refresh of front landscape please

RNmomof2 zone 5
8 years ago

We have lived here for nearly 25 years and are wanting to refresh the front and entrance of our home. We just removed a crab apple tree that had gotten a little to large for the spot, was always shedding leaves on the entry, and only looked nice when it was flowering. Now I need to balance the landscape back out and fill in the void where it was.

The sidewalk is showing its age and we are going to replace it with pavers. I would like some thought on color of pavers, etc. We are going to widen the sidewalk to a little over 4 ft. We just tore out vinca that bordered the sidewalk and will just have grass up to the edge of the pavers. I am also going to have some steps put in at the front door for ease of accessibility as none of us are getting any younger. This also is our most handicapped accessible entrance.

The crab filled the area between the two far left windows. FWIW those are in our bedroom and bathroom. There are some peonies that have already been cut down at the far left in the first picture next to the Little Princess spirea.

Suggestions to improve our curb appeal? New front door color suggestions? Thanks for all of your time!

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