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Vigorous rambling roses--controlling

sujiwan_gw 6b MD/PA
8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

So, I have some quart sized ramblers that I had potted up in the spring and now want to put in ground. I would like to figure out the best display support that allows maintenance of the roses so that they don't turn into huge messy masses of thorns and deadwood.

For example, can roses growing to the size of Alexandre Girault or Evangeline be pillar wrapped? I was imagining some rustic hewn pillars along one side of a long grassy walkway with ramblers trained to them.

I also have an old shed that I could run some roses up to the tin roof, but I am not sure how to go about that. I also have a barn that likewise has the long side facing south, but I think the plantings would end up in the drip zone. I would be grateful for ideas to site ramblers on a rural property using inexpensive supports. There are no fences here.

I have decided that one reason I like ramblers and OGRS so much is that not only do they put on a big show, but the bloom season is over and done with by the time Japanese beetles arrive. I haven't been able to admire any blossoms on my other roses this summer without the obscenity of beetle butts poking out between each layer of petals.

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