Questions on Kitchen Layout -- Pantry -- Island -- Etc...

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We are building a new house with an open layout. I'm working on the kitchen design and have uploaded a photo of the current version of the floorplan. The lot has a view in the back where the windows over the sink and dishwasher are located.

Here are some questions:

Any thoughts on eliminating the cabinets on this wall and having the entire wall open to the view?

I'm concerned about the lines of the pantry wall cutting into the kitchen when viewed from the dining room. What do you think about eliminating the pantry closet and, instead, extending the counter/cabinets and using a 24" wide pantry cabinet.?

The island is part 5'x2' countertop height with 5'x1'6" bar height. Should the countertop area of the island be deeper (perhaps 5'x 3')?

What other suggestions do you have?



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