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Induction Range Recommendations

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Looking for 30" range recommendations for our complete kitchen remodel.
We currently have electric and have decided on induction for quickness, efficiency & safety.

Currently considering Bosch HIIP054U which is stainless steel and Bertazzoni 30" Professional which can also be painted white. The kitchen will have a paneled fridge and dishwasher. No microwave so the oven is the only exposed large appliance. We've never had a microwave or a warming drawer (so a warming drawer might be a nice feature but it's not something we've come to expect). Our current 30" Whirlpool electric oven has a 4.6 cu ft capacity - I don't remember ever running out of oven space.
We cook homemade meals every day and my wife especially enjoys French / Mediterranean cooking and we use the cooktop much more than the oven (cooktop 7x/week, oven 2-3x/week). In the oven we mostly cook fish and roasted vegetables. We have 3 enameled iron Le Creuset items which will work with induction but we'll have to purchase a new everyday cookware set since our current set will not work.

Here are my perceived pros/cons. Perhaps some of you with real-world experience can tell me if I'm incorrect or shortsighted in my assumptions.


(This photo is gas, but same exterior idea)

My Perceived Bertazzoni Pro's:
- Aesthetics
- Color coordination
- Physical knobs (neither of us like fiddling with digital cooktop controls)
- Free vent promo (which I understand is quite good)

My Perceived Bertazzoni Con's:
- No oven timer. (We use our current built-in timer everyday)
- No warming drawer or storage drawer (we use the storage drawer on our current oven frequently)
- Small oven size (3.4 cu ft) although we typically don't have multiple turkey roasts or bake more than 1 thing at a time.

My Perceived Bosch Pro's:
- Easier to service
- Bigger oven (4.6 cu ft, though we've never filled our current 4.6 cu ft oven)
- Warming drawer
- Timer

My Perceived Bosch Con's:
- It's a large grey box (although the frameless cooktop is nice).
- Digital cooktop controls

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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