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What could be wrong with my "my monet" PIX

Lauril Rohde
7 years ago

Two years ago we planted 5 "my monet 'sunset". They did fine until a couple of months ago. Just one started having problems - leaves browning around the edges and then curling up. First, I just pruned off all the branches with this affliction. Sort of alright for a while, but now not looking nearly as nice as the other four, so thinking that that spot was not draining well, I dug around it to let it get more air and dry out. It is a little better "I think", but still has leaves browning on the edges. Also still none of this on the other plants. In another part of the yard we have an area with a different variety of "my monet" [has creamy white, pink, green leaves] and for 10 years have had no problem. I am including two closeups of the afflicted plant and another of this plant with the others near it that have no trouble. Would appreciate any thoughts.

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