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New Kitchen Layout Feedback for a Philly Renovation

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Looking for some kitchen layout advice! Here's a quick intro to the home--skip below these bullets to the kitchen details.

  • Renovating a 32' wide x 50' deep Philadelphia "row home" in South Philly. It's double the width of all other row homes on the block, and typical Philly Row Homes.
  • There is no outdoor space or setback in the middle/back to allow light into the middle part of the house, so we are building a central atrium / stairwell to let the light in. There is no basement.
  • First floor: garage, entry foyer, storage space, studio (future bedroom) with bathroom, guest bedroom with bathroom.
  • Second Floor: the living floor: living room, dining room, kitchen, powder room, media room, office with bathroom
  • New Third Floor addition: master bedroom, master bathroom, walk-in closet, outdoor deck

Thanks in advance!!

Help wanted for kitchen layout.

  • A new support beam was put in the non-optimal spot. Moving it is no longer an option. It's resulted in re-thinking the layout.
  • The location of the kitchen feels good, as dining and living rooms are in the front of the house and atrium/stairwell light will pour into the central area.
  • There are 2 main options (had a 3rd based on this kitchen in SF, but it felt too cramped for us, so we nixed it)


  • The 2 green columns are support beams and cannot move
  • The wall between the kitchen and sitting room (actually media/tv room) cannot move.

Kitchen Option 1


  • What's on the plans. A basic "L" with an island that will have counter seating.
  • Feels like the central column kills the flow around the island. This is the column that was planned to be 3 feet over towards the front of the house.
  • Leaves a very large dining room and open kitchen counter for entertaining.
  • Feels like the kitchen isn't sized large enough for the house
  • Cant figure out how to end kitchen backsplash with dining room wall

Kitchen Option 2


  • Really like the additional storage space and workspace.
  • Dining Room feels smaller but it isn't used very often--it's still roughly 14' x 14'. Everyone congregates around the kitchen when they come over.
  • The counter that's empty will have cabinets - I just didnt get around to putting them in.
  • If the dining table is aligned with the 2 islands then it compresses the space in the living room.

Kitchen Option 3 - no longer an option


  • Really responded to 'hiding' the wall oven and refrigerator in an open pantry-like area.
  • This allowed a wet-bar, a nice-to-have, not need-to-have
  • This allowed a walk-in-pantry, but the size was not adequate for actually walking in and having space/ Walk-in pantry is a strong like-to-have but hesitant to close up the space with a large closet, so we are using ikea tall pantry cabinets to provide the storage.

Kitchen Option 1

Kitchen Option 2

Kitchen Option 3

Renderings of Option 1 to give perspective on space

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