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Note to self: the grass is not greener on the other side.

8 years ago

When I moved into my previous house it came along with a side by side fridge with water/ice on the door. Nice fridge loved the water feature absolutely hated the skinny fridge skinny freezer combo. Who made a fridge that a pizza box wouldn't fit in? We are currently remodeling and slowly upgrading to all stainless, however both our fridge and dishwasher decided to go at the same time. Pricey for us. Our quick decision was to purchase a new dishwasher and used fridge. Hubby brings home a French door fridge. I heard angels yea! No more ss fridge. Until I started to fill the fd one, apparently I have way to many condiments. Sniff sniff this fridge seems so much smaller. I cannot find anything in this freezer, dig dig dig. The only thing that makes me happy is that it's used and Almond. End note: My new fridge will be the tried and true side by side in stainless, I can live without a pizza box.

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