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Help with 3" raised concrete square patio cover area? Tile/concrete??

8 years ago

Hi Guys,

I have a conundrum. We have a 3" raised concrete square area in the backyard which is where the patio cover is installed. The current plan is to demo out the existing concrete and replace with new stamped concrete, extending it to the white lines you can see in the photo (below).

Problem is that its pretty expensive, so we thought to keep the existing raised Patio area, demo the rest, and just put tile on top of the patio area. But I can't seem to find any tile that would look good next to the newly poured concrete all around it.

I'm looking for suggestions on a way to make the tile work. Or if you think it's better to demo it all and just re-pour the concrete on the whole area up until the white line. The concrete is going to be textured and in a light grayish color.

The main reason I was going to keep the raised patio and use tile is because I thought I could save money that way, however most of the tiles that look good are $4-5+ /sq ft and with the tile installation cost/materials, I don't know if it will end up cheaper after all. I'm getting the concrete done at about $7-8 a sq ft.

Thanks again for all the ideas. Because I am totally out of them!!

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