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Blue jay always in my Arborvitae trees..

8 years ago

Last year I had to have 8 of my Arborvitae trees cut down because they were infested with Bag Worms. They ate EVERY bit of foliage, leaving them bare, within 5 weeks. I had never seen anything like it. If you have never heard of bag worms, you are lucky! Anyway, there isn't any bag worms this year that I've seen. We sprayed for them after removing the trees and empty bags. The spray was supposed to prevent them from coming back the following year. I have 4 Arborvitae's left.

I noticed this past week that a Blue Jay keeps standing on top of my garden swing (within 2' of Arborvitae trees) and then he flies into/onto the tree.. stays there for maybe 10 seconds and flies back onto the swing. He does this a few times, then leaves. Then he does it again maybe 30 minutes later. What is he doing?? I don't mind it.. but just curious. Is he eating the berry/nut things that the Arborvitae produces? Is he finding bagworms that I don't see and eating them? I also notice a lot of song sparrows that fly into the Arborvitaes, by the trunk area.. they stay in there for a while. I checked to see if I could see a nest, but couldn't see one. Maybe the Blue Jay is just trying to pester them? I have a seed feeder, suet and hummingbird nectar feeder in my yard.. and one bird house- which isn't currently being habited. I love watching the birds. This past week I saw a Lesser Goldfinch for the first time.. now I see him daily. He flies onto my sunflowers and eats the seeds out of them. I have 30+ Mammoth sunflowers all growing in my relatively tiny yard.. and he is in heaven with it! I thought he was a hummingbird at first, but upon research I discovered he was not.

Anyway, would appreciate any knowledge re. Mr. Blue Jay. Thanks in advance :)

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