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"Duh" plant moments and plant support ideas

This is one of my favorite houseplants:

It's an Anthurium hybrid (either A dressleri x radicans or A dressleri x luxurians). It grows sloooooooowly in clumping rosettes and it survives my chilly, dry house in the winter. It blooms in the spring with burgundy spathes and generally makes these gorgeous, shiny, thick leaves on burgundy petioles. The leaves start out coppery red, then turn burgundy, then medium green, then dark green. Can't ask for much more.

Lately the plant has started to grow in a wonky, drunken-looking fashion. I tried putting it in brighter light -- burned the leaves. Its currently growing in almost pure volcanic rock, and I've been wondering if it might grow better in something with an organic component. Looking for information on growing media for it last night, I found that Exotic Rainforest has a write-up for it, and picture of it...climbing...?!

Well, duh... That would explain its wonky growth -- it needs something to climb on. I don't know why it never occurred to me that this plant climbs. (Okay, maybe because it grows soooooo slowly it's hard to tell that its making vines, but, still...)

So, question 1 -- because it might be fun to share stories: anyone else ever have one of these "duh" plant moments?

Question 2: do you have any ideas for how I can support it? I'm looking for creative ideas. The plant is quite stiff overall (more trunk-like than vine-like), with long petioles and leaves going out in all directions. Since I have five clumps of it like this, I don't really know how best to get them all going on a support. There's always the wood pole in the middle of the pot option, but I'd like to grow this more two-dimensionally (if that makes sense -- not surrounding a pole but more like growing up a wall or flat surface). Any thoughts?



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