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Something to try for Rose Rosette Virus?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Rose Rosette Virus belongs to the relatively small genus - Emaravirus. Another member of this genus is

Raspberry leaf blotch virus (RLBV.

It is also spread by eriophyid mites. Its historical name was Tayberry leaf blotch disorder. Although it had some symptoms of a virus, it was concluded not to be a virus since treatment with a single application of the systemic insectide vamidothion to affected plants at one site resulted in significantly fewer mites and less severe symptoms on fruiting canes and primocanes than on unsprayed plants in the year of spraying and a further decrease in symptoms in the following year.

(This insecticide is not registered in the U.S.)

Why did this insecticide control the virus? Possibly the presence of the systemic insecticide was interpreted by the immune system as a foreign invader and the defenses triggered also affected the virus.

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