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East Coast vs West Coast

8 years ago

I see major differences in tastes/decor between East and West. This must not be new to most of you, but it really hit me recently. I noticed this split when looking at the Real Estate Forum, where all the Eastern homes listed had every room painted a different color. Sometimes dark, like an accent wall, or pale, as in every room a different color, the pink bedroom, the blue bedroom, the green bathroom, the gold dining room, etc.
I'm in CA, and admit to strong MCM leanings. Local real estate listings are far more neutral, all rooms more likely to be the same neutral color. Lately I've been looking online at homes in a Philly suburb, near where my son lives. Yep, every room is a different color. On the RE forum, often the third bit of advice given to the owner asking why his house doesn't get any showings is (after price is too high and please declutter) is to repaint in a neutral color. We're considering buying an investment property near where ,y son lives, and all I see is the need to repaint. Most of these rooms are not enhanced by the color, either, IMHO.

Is the country really split so strongly?

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