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Tear it all out and start over...?

8 years ago

We have about 1/3 acre in coastal VA. When we moved in it was being overrun by non-natives (nandina, vinca, and English ivy galore), and the front lawn looked so traditional it made my teeth hurt. Nothing would grow in the back lot at all, until we did some strategic pruning and tree removal; now it's full of goose grass, pokeweed, blackseed plantain and spurge. Oh, and lots of baby trees. And no, we haven't seeded the lot at all.

I'd love to go completely native if at all possible, but right now I feel so overwhelmed by the scope of it all I'm not sure where to start.

Suggestions for a beginner on where to start? Before I rip out every plant on the lot? Or tear out my hair in frustration...?

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