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Red-stemmed H. paniculata cultivars

NHBabs z4b-5a NH
7 years ago

At a local nursery yesterday I saw H. paniculata Strawberry Vanilla and Strawberry Sundae and fell in love with the red stems. I've been reading about them and looking at photos of them both as they were budded up at the nursery, but not yet blooming. It seems as though Strawberry Vanilla tends to splay a bit when the branches bend outward due to the weight of the blossoms. I haven't found anything about that with 'Strawberry Sundae', but there seems to be less information about it, regardless of if I use Strawberry Sundae (the US marketing name), Sundae Fraise (the European marketing name) or 'rensun', the cultivar name. At the nursery the stems seemed much more upright on SS rather than VS.

I have two questions:

Has anyone grown Strawberry Sundae for more than one season, and if so, how do the blooms do as far as staying upright?

Are there any other really red stems (more so than Quickfire) but with a looser more rounded flower panicle like Quickfire that anyone knows of?

I don't care about plant size since I have plenty of room.

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