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Split Rock "Royal Flush" one year growth timeline

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I got the majority of my succulent mesembs last year around beginning of July, including this Pleiospilos nelii "Royal Flush", and a year after, I have to say this is definitely the most successful mesembs I've grown. Others (Lithops, Argyrodermas) are doing okay too, but the regeneration process is hugely delayed even though I followed the "rules" and watched them closely, on top of that ignore them as much as I could xD. So I thought I would dedicate a photo thread to her for the exceptional performance over the year (haha); for anyone trying to grow these type of plants, I would really recommend the method of NEGLECT, the more you try to "fix" it or change its watering schedule the less you'll get out of it.

Early July, 2014 - Received the plants and potted up. Already has a bud, I was excited but scared that I will kill it at the same time.. old pair of leaves still hanging on

Mid July, 2014 - The red intensified a little after a few weeks, bud is coming out at a relatively fast pace (in mesembs)

End of July, 2014 - Getting ready for show.

Early August, 2014 - Bloom! Flower opened up every late afternoon around 5pm till sunset, then closes up for the night. It was quite difficult to catch the perfect shot! The flower lasted around 5 days.

After the flower died off, nothing really happened for a few months, I started to water much less, the old set of leaves disappeared almost completely.

Mid November, 2014 - New head emerged! Which means I should be holding off watering so I did....and that lasted for almost half a year. Still fascinating to me how a plant can receive no water at all for such long period and just does its own thing.

Feb, 2015 - The regeneration process is a slow one

Mid April, 2015 - The new head is finally taller than the old pair!

End of June, 2015 - Still shaking off old clothes, but looking nice and refreshed. I might give her a first drink after 7 months in a few weeks. Fingers crossed that I can keep it well and alive this coming year!

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