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Breakfast nook help!! Recessed lighting and TV, OR, hanging fixture?

8 years ago

My dilemma is that we were thinking of mounting a TV on the wall. If I hang a fixture, it will block the TV. At this point in our lives, with two teenage boys, watching SportsCenter and games is a pretty big deal (especially when they are doing dishes!), and there is nowhere else to put a TV in this room. But, I don't know if it is too weird not to have a hanging fixture over the table, and just have cans overhead. We are doing three (Circa Lighting Grosvenor) pendants over the island, and cans and undercabinet lighting elsewhere.

Would love to know if anyone has done cans only in the breakfast area? And if so, would love to see pictures of what it looks like! Or, am I giving this TV way too much importance, and should I just put up a pretty fixture and tell the kids to go in the other room to watch TV? (Our cabinet guy has said he would build a nice "frame" around it so that it would look pretty!) I'm honestly so tapped out on making decisions I'm afraid I'm not even thinking about this in a rational way, lol!

This is not the best "angle" and is not really to scale, but the TV - or hanging fixture - would go btwn the two windows at the end of the room, over the table.

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