expect the unexpected,,,,,


my dad and mum died within 10 months of each other, that now being , nearly 3 years since dad and close to 2 years for mum. Even though they had divorced when i was around 14 and my brother 18. After a while they started to become close again, I was 40 when my dad passed, and like i just mentioned mum died 10 months later, i don't think i grieved properly for my dad at the time, so when mum went, i really lost it, ( and still struggling now ) even though for me, i was with my mum when she went which helped me quite alot, (she went in her sleep),,, dad i wasn't there for, when he passed away. And that still stays with me now. I've never read these sites before and was, " surprised " if that's the right word , just to see how many people have gone through what i believed that no one understood , just what I've been going through!!!! I just wanted to say,,, its helped me to read about others,,,,, i don't feel quite alone now ,,,, thankyou x

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You're welcome! Glad it helped to understand that your feelings and delayed reaction have been shared by others.

Sometimes you just need that 'shoulder to cry on.' No judgment made, no false reassurances. Grief and loss should never be borne alone.

Hope you are able to find your joy in life again.

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really nice guy Kelly, I lost my mom and dad just shy of 5 months apart, my dad a little over a year ago. I've stopped in here a few times before and since. You aren't alone -- it happens with some frequency and it is hard under the best of circumstances. I was busy with my sons and DH, my youngest's graduation and then getting both boys off to college in the fall -- then the oldest applying to grad school and going through auditions with hosting family holidays in between and all the estate administering on top of that. I still felt lonely and overwhelmed at times. It's a big loss and a big adjustment to suddenly not have that generation in front of you. And it's something that's hard to share or fully understand until you've been there.

Take care.

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