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Preparedness Hint March 4 - some books

14 years ago

I'm trying to get my books in order ala preparedness so I can keep them in one place. You might have some or can be on the lookout at sales or Thrift shops

I've rounded up

Stocking Up - by Editors of Organic Gardening and Farming

Kitchen Gardens -Betty Crocker-I think I got it because it is illustrated - by Tasha Tudor

Root Cellaring by Mike and Nancy Bubel

The Manual of Practical Homesteading by John Vivian

Roughing it Easy by Dian Thomas

Roughing it Easy 2 by Dian Thomas.

The Essential Knot Book by Colin Jarman

Passport to Survival by Esther Dickey (My newest one)

Putting Food By by Hertzberg,Vaughn,and Greene

Home Preserving Made Easy by GeWanter and Parker

Living the Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing

Continuing the Good Life by Helen and Scott Nearing

Fresh Food, Dirt Cheap All Year Long -Organic Gardening Magazine

Tips for the Lazy Gardener by Tigner

Two Acre Eden by Logsdon

Square Foot Gardening by Mel Barthlemew

Maple Sugar Book, together with remarks on Pioneering as a way of life by the Nearings

Tips from the Garden Hotline by Snodsmith

The Egg-free, Milk-free, Wheat-free Cookbook by Hamrick and Wiesenfeld

In Defense of Ourselves -an illustrated book of womenÂs defense tactics

200 Fabulous, Frugal uses for Baking Soda

Bull Cock and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices by the Herters of Minnesota

The Vinegar Book

City PeopleÂs Guide to Country Living by Cobb

Emergency First-Aid for Dogs

Expecting the Unexpected by the American Red Cross,(How to prepare your family for times of emergency) 1986

The Build-it-yourself Furniture Catalog

The Complete Care of Abandoned Baby Animals

How to Tutor by Blumenfeld

How to Build a Solar Heater by Lucas -very technical

Survival with Style by Angier (in the wilderness)

20 Basics of Self-Sufficiency -Rodale Press 1980

Pleasure Packing by Wood How to backpack in comfort - good skill illustrations

Survival - Dept of the Air Force 1969 (Search and Rescue) Native plants and shelters

Eat, Drink, and be Ready (for tomorrow you will live) Kline & Strube, Jr. 1977

How to Survive a Nuclear Disaster by Smith -Before, during and after -supplies and weapons

I know I have a few more but have to dig them out.

These were Great finds over the years at Thrift Stores.

I've acquired mostly for the enjoyment of reading them I do not have a green thumb but like to know how.

I also have 182 articles from the Mother Earth News prior to 2003

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