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Serviceberry trees - disease or soil deficiency?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Our Autumn Brilliance trees, planted about a year and a half ago are not looking very good this Spring. I'm thinking part of the problem may be rust, but maybe the discoloration of the leaf is something else?

Both trees are next to the street - we chose them due to their supposed salt tolerance. We're located just north of NYC and had a decent amount of snow this winter, so lots of plowing and salting of the roads.

Last Spring they had a good number of berries on them for their size/age. This year I could probably count the total number of berries on both hands. Our neighbor had two of the same tree planted this past Fall and her trees (also next to the street) are covered in berries.

We're trying to garden organically, so we didn't do any preventative/maintenance spraying treatments on the trees or the lawn.

Any help in identifying the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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