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Tomato leaves yellowing and curling


My tomato plants need help and I don't understand what they are trying to tell me.

So here I am requesting for some expert advises or suggestions.

I live in Folsom (near Sacramento CA), Zone 9b (

I planted 3 tomato plants on one side of my patio garden, the following are the varieties

1) Early Girl: Indeterminate (Tall on in the pictures)

2) ACE : Semi-determinate (middle one)

3) Celebrity: Determinate (left most)

They grew prolifically well initially and since 3 weeks, they are showing signs of some disease or trouble.

The Early Girl was the first one to show Yellow spots on its leaves and also leaf curls.

Then the other 2 followed on the yellow spots and brown spots - no leaf curling though.

They are not creating new leaf growth and not setting new flowers either.

Also some of the buds that were once pollinated & showed small fruit set started drying out. So I manually removed them.

I planted them in self made Lawn fabric bags (similar to grow bags), filled with custom potting mix ::

2 parts peat moss

2 parts top soil blend (Kellogs Amend, Scotts top soil & well rotted rabbit manure, )

1 part perlite (miracle gro)

And I use organic Espoma tomato fertilizer along with Epsom salts and Espoma Garden lime.

Water via Drip tubing for 5 mins every day in the morning 7.30 am - 7.35 am.

The potting mix is damp and not showing any dryness.

I have tried the following:

> Side dressed espoma fertilizer & epsom salts

> Stopping the water to let it dry out a bit (5 days) on the Early girl (tall one)

> Harvested tomatoes to relieve pressure

> Moved to partial shade and nothing seems to help so far.

Please advise on what could be the reasons for stalled growth and leaf diseases.

I read some posts on this thread and others, some claim of fusarium wilt, Copper deficiency, nematodes etc. Not sure which one.

I really like to learn.

More pics:

Early girl:: Yellowing and heavy curling:

Celebrity:: Yellowing on leaves

ACE:: Yellowing on leaves (the middle and rear portions have more yellowing)

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