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Beach house/vacation rental new construction kitchen plan

8 years ago

I’m a long time “semi-lurker” who received wonderful advice and ideas many years ago for a big remodel. In fact, almost every feature/design element in my current kitchen can be attributed to this outstanding forum. I was one of those white painted cabinets/soapstone/marble kitchens back in 2007J And I’m still crazy about my kitchen today.

So now I’m back. We’ve been very fortunate and are now planning on building a beach house vacation/rental home and of course I would like to work on a functional kitchen layout with the experts here.

Here’s a little background on the project:

It will be a duplex beach house (so actually I will have 2 kitchens to obsess over!) One side will definitely be sold and one side we will keep for our own use and occasional rental. The duplex will be on pilings and the first floor (which is actually called the second floor) will be approximately 14 feet above ground. There will be a 3rd floor/loft with a bedroom and bath. The piling foundations are already in the ground, and the exterior dimensions cannot be altered. Our architect has drawn up the first draft of plans and that’s where we are right now. I’m currently focusing on one side and will then work on the other side and try to mirror image as much as possible, even though they aren’t mirror images, if that makes sense.

Our info:

Two of us and two college age kids. Probably won’t have huge groups staying here with us and as a rental we would like to be able to accommodate 6 people comfortably in the unit. The other side will also be able to sleep 6 people.

I enjoy cooking and baking and will definitely be using the kitchen (maybe not too much since it is a vacation house:), with perhaps one other person helping out. Cleanup is usually one to two people. But it will be used by others as a rental so I have to take that into consideration. No specific decisions on appliances yet, but I would like to plan for a 30 inch electric double oven range, smallish microwave (not built in, perhaps on an upper shelf), French door refrigerator standard depth (can be recessed), approximately 36 inches wide, and standard size dishwasher. Sink will be single bowl, probably 30 inches. I don’t think I have room for or will need a prep sink, even though I am used to using one now. And as you can see on the architect’s plan, I would like to include a pantry. The eastern view will be the star of this house and I would like to enjoy it from the kitchen as much as possible, so if the layout can maximize that, definitely a bonus. I like a couple of barstools at the kitchen counter, whether I go with an island or peninsula, though anyone sitting there would probably have their backs to the view, unless there is a creative way to change that. (And yes the dining area is right there, but it’s nice to be able to just sit at the counter while someone is working and chat.) I would like to maximize living space, minimize dining space (but still keep it comfortable), and have a well-planned kitchen with wisely used space. I will also be posting the floor plan in the building forum for their expertise, since I do have some concerns on other areas of the plan. (Would like to shrink the size of that 2nd bedroom and squeeze some more space for the living area) I’m definitely inept in the technology department (can barely use Paint!) so I hope these pictures will be enough to start with and that they will post correctly.

The architect has a kitchen layout on the plan but knows we will change it. That means, I’m open to any and all suggestions! I played around with it a lot on graph paper, but still am not satisfied and I know the experts here are a lot better at that than I am!

Two things that cannot change on the floor plan are:

1.The exterior footprint, (but windows and sliding doors can be added/repositioned.)

2. Stair location

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